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Water cremation, or resomation, is being suggested as the sustainable and eco-friendly choice for those concerned about the environment. Whether a body is subjected to traditional cremation or resomation, the result is the same: a process that returns the body to ashes. But with resomation, it is done using water, rather than flame. The official term for it is alkaline hydrolysis, which uses high pressure heated water and acid to break down the body until only the bones are left.

It has taken a lengthy period of consultation, but resomation is now legal in the UK, joining most of the USA as well as Canada and South Africa, where it was used after the death of Desmond Tutu, the anti-apartheid campaigner who died in 2022, who requested this environmentally friendly alternative for his remains.

Nicki Mikolai from Resomation America, describes resomation as a quiet and peaceful procedure. She writes, “The body, dressed in a silk shroud or coffin is placed in a high-pressure chamber, or ‘resomator’. Water and potassium hydroxide are added, then heated to 302 degrees. Under high pressure, this alkaline solution works to speed up the process to a few hours.” According to Nicki, water cremation uses significantly less energy than flame cremation, reducing harmful emissions entering the atmosphere.

Resomation - Underwater - Funeral Celebrant Cornwall

Critics of resomation express concern about the wastewater used in the process re-entering the water system, but its supporters claim that there is no more risk to water safety than that of fluids from hospitals and embalming services. After extensive testing, Northumbrian Water has agreed, and granted approval for the resulting water to be sent back into the drainage network as “trade effluent”, the same permit used by launderettes. Co-op Funeralcare will soon be offering this option to families in the north-east of England, once the facilities, which can cost in excess of £300,000 are installed.

Sandy Sullivan, the founder of Resomation Ltd., argues that the choice for resomation should be available globally and he established his company in 2007 to promote water cremation as a real alternative to burial and traditional cremation. Their first resomator was manufactured in 2009 and the Leeds-based company works with partners across the world to promote the use of water cremation for future generations.

More information can be found at or contact the company on 0113 205 7422.